Refer a Friend

The creators of will now pay our class $50 for each friend/class we refer to them.  Because we got online in the very beginning of's services, we still pay NOTHING for this website. But, they do, however, ask for our help by telling others how Class Creator has helped us to re-connect & stay connected after all these years. Just tell them to check out our website and click on the Classcreator icon on the homepage.  (Our own private link{with our Promo Code} is at the bottom of the Homepage.) After Class Creator has received payment for at least a 1 yr. contract or 6 monthly payments, our check will be mailed to us. Please read Class Creator's message and see if we can't get some of those checks rolling our way!!! Be nice to have several hundred $$$'s in our bank account for a head start on the 50th!!!

Refer A Friend

Earn cash just by telling people about Class Creator and what we're doing to reconnect Classmates in a way that no other system can match!


We hope you'll tell everyone how Class Creator has reconnected Classmates in a way no other system has. As always, thank you for your support!


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