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05/17/08 08:25 PM #1    

Sherry Miller (Martin)

This is from Pat Edwards Barkley. What a vivid memory she has!!! What are yours?
A few fond memories: parties in George Crounse's basement and sneaking caviar off the buffet tables when his parents were entertaining; riding around in George's white cadillac convertible; Sandy Lyne teaching me to "fast dance"; parties in Margaret Peck's basement, which seemed sooo romantic at the time; spending endless summer hours with Carol Burnett at the lake on rafts; "dragging the gut"; making endless circles through the Dairy Queen to see and be seen; being in Nu Phi Mu; working in the Guidance Counselor's Office; loving study hall with Tom Still and Gary Wallace, who always got me in trouble because they kept me laughing with their crazy ways; dating Bill Biggs when I was a sophmore and he was a senior and drum major - quite a catch in my own mind!; Betty Boeckmann cutting my hair during an afternoon visit to her house, much to the chagrin of my mother; pestering Charlotte Coughlin to translate all my sentences in French class because I was too lazy to do it myself, and she always accommodated me!; summer beach parties at the lake; winter sledding at the club; dances at the Ritz; drinking "Tang" for the first time at Nancy Lawley's and thinking it was wonderful; spending the night with Marcia Fowler and thinking how great her dad was because he was so interested in and involved with her; dating Harry Neistrath, loving his family and driving with them to St. Louis to see "How The West Was Won"; being buds with Chubby Bradley; driving on the beltline with Barbara Goldsby at the wheel and wondering if I would survive; driving across the Brookport Bridge with Carol at the wheel and wondering if SHE would survive; saying "call me" everytime you left your friends after being together all day and then thinking you had somehow fallen from grace if you didn't get at least five calls that night; and most of all just being young, healthy, happy and feeling safe in our little world.

08/13/08 09:32 PM #2    

Sherry Miller (Martin)

This is from Bill Laurie, a friend of our deceased classmate, Jim Davis. He sends this message to us, Jim's class:

I knew Jim Davis in 6th grade when he lived in Waukegan, Illinois. He was one of the ringleaders of group of little sixth grade hellions who had a lot of fun but never did anything malicious. Jim was simply a great guy and was so creatively funny he even made our teacher laugh. I'm only in contact with two others from sixth grade and we all looked forward to a successful quest to find Jim, and imagined how we'd laugh and play 'remember when' for hours when telephone contact was made. We could only recall he'd moved to Kentucky, but it was only this year that we figured he'd gone to Paducah. It was with great sadness we learned that Jim had passed on so long ago. The effort made, after all these years, is testimony to our great friendship with Jim, and the great fun we had.
I've printed out the picture of Jim in the 'Remember When' section, and thank whoever it was who submitted that picture. Spotted Jim right away, flashing that characteristic Jim Davis smile.
Thanks to Sherry Martin and all who've helped me find out about Jim, and thanks to Mike Ward and Gary Wallace for the kindness in sharing their memories of Jim. I won't be at your reunion, but will be there in spirit, and hoist a toast to good ol' Jim, my friend.
Thank you for letting an 'outsider' post this message to remember a mutual friend.

Bill Laurie
I have Bill's email address if you want it.

09/17/08 01:59 PM #3    

Thena Cullen (Smith (Former Classmate '63) )

Hi Everyone!

I don't know if you remember me or not. I moved during our senior year. I did see several of you at Murray State. I left Murray when I was a junior and went to the University of Missouri with my new hubby.

My first real job after graduation was for Army JAG at the Pentagon. We moved from VA to Fla and then to California where we've been for over 20 years. Both hubby and I have recently retired. He was a scientist
and I worked for DoN.

Now I get to stay home and write books and do digital designs for scrapbooking. I write for a new magazine and for as well as playing on various scrapbooking message boards.

We have one daughter who is such a joy in our lives, but no grandkids, so I spoil everyone else's!

Would love to hear from some of you.

Thena Cullen Smith

09/17/08 03:08 PM #4    

Thena Cullen (Smith (Former Classmate '63) )

Sharing this from my post on my blog:

Of High School Reunions and Stuff
I've never been to any of my high school reunions. For one reason, I moved during the first six weeks of my senior year and lost out on so many things at the school I went to for the longest time and didn't quite fit in at the school to which I transferred.

Finally I got an invitation just this week to my 45 (FORTYFIFTH) high school reunion at PTHS in Paducah, Ky. I would love to go and to see everyone but unfortunatly, there is not enough time and money for lyposuction or facelift...

Actually, we have previous committments and I also had to send regrets to my friend (and publisher) Linda's wedding in Sept. I never knew such a busy September!

Looking at the reunion plans and updates on really got me in a reflective and sentimental mood-especially seeing that at least 35 of my classmates are no longer with us. I think back to the profound discussions some of us had back in the day and think "Wow, they know the answers now to the questions we had about eternity, etc." One of the dearest classmates that I only saw in school and not outside of school (she was very seriously in love during highschool and married her sweetheart right after) succumbed to breast cancer early in her marriage. I thought how good it was that they got married young and had some time together but how sad that it wasn't longer.

I had been blessed to get in touch a few years ago with a couple of friends, one was a former photographer for National Geographic (I think that's right) and one was a girl friend that I had not heard from since hs. As I looked through the "In Memory Section" I saw that one of my classmates was a published poet and poetry teacher who had been actively teaching as recently as helping students during the Katrina aftermath.

I wish I could have held on close to these classmates over the years and kept up with their lives and known of the remarkable things they did. Most of them have grandkids now and we are in our 60's. I still see us all as girls in bouffaut hairdo's and pretty "flats' not the sporty clothes and sports shoes that kids wear to class today. In collage I wore pleated skits, sweater sets and stacked heels (with hose). We had no cell phones or computers and there weren't even any calculators.

We had fun and enjoyed ourselves and our new found freedoms at collage. We made friends and joined causes and stood outside the president's office when we heard that President Kennedy had been shot. We comforted each other and reasurred each other that things would be right again in our world... just as we had done in our high school corriders during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Things did go on and the world seemed right for awhile and then our children and grandchildren had to deal with 9/ll.

Classmates of 1963, I remember so many of you, and I treasure those memories. I wish you all well and hope some of you will remember me at the reunion and say a kind word or two.

Thena Cullen

09/19/08 05:41 PM #5    

Thomas Tom Ross Still

Reunion Reflections


Born in '45, graduated high school in '63. Now I'm almost 63 and graduated high school 45 years ago. An interesting interplay of numbers. Our upcoming reunion for the Paducah Tilghman graduating class of 1963 has been tumbling around in my mind for a few weeks now, polishing up random thoughts until they're shiny, gradually wearing away at rough edges until they are smooth.

I think of my classmates and what they have experienced over these past 45 years. I have all but lost touch with most of them, indeed some I barely knew even back in high school. But strangely enough we are all still connected. We shared a common experience that unites us even after all of these years. We have written vastly different stories on our slates, but all of those stories had the same beginning. I find that I am interested in all of their lives, because their stories and mine are so closely intertwined.

When I think of Paducah, I think of days of possibilities limited only by the extent of your imagination. As a very young boy I remember propping up a cardboard box with a twig, and tying on a string to the twig so we could catch a bird. We'd leave a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the box, and then just wait. That anticipation, that excitement was so pure and so innocent. We'd always release the bird right away, and then reset the trap. Simple pleasures, simple thrills. Later, in high school, I remember endless loops through the Dairy Queen, down Broadway, and up Jefferson. A parade we entered eagerly, waiting anxiously to see people that we saw every day in the halls of Paducah Tilghman, and talking endlessly with those in the car. Simple pleasures, simple thrills.

We've all lived surely imperfect lives, but we've done the best we can. Our lives have been defined by a long, uneven string of happiness and successes, sadness and disappointments. There are many moments we are proud of, many accomplishments, both big and small, that are significant to us. We have sons and daughters and grandchildren, husbands, wives, ex-husbands, ex-wives, and lovers as milestones that mark our progress through life. Newspaper clippings and handwritten letters and old photos chronicle our days. Each of our paths has been unique. Yet there exists this common bond, this extended family, that has survived over the years.

Earlier reunions may have revealed a touch of competition, and been preceded by losing weight, toning up, and rehearsing monologues about how successful we have been. We wanted to prove to all, even ourselves, that our lives were going well. But now, the prospect of a reunion is more relaxed, more retrospective. Superficiality gives way to honesty, as we look forward to sharing a life well lived.

As individuals some of us find ourselves scattered around the country, living out our lives in environments that differ dramatically from our hometown. Others have lived their whole lives in and around Paducah. But regardless of where we lived our lives, how we lived our lives is remarkably similar. Truth be told, no matter what the background, the essentials of our lives, the parts that are most important, are the same.

Pieces of our memories have been chipped away by time. Our 227 graduates have been depleted by 34 as age and illness have taken their toll. And each passing reminds us of our own mortality. As we decide whether to make our way to Paducah for the 45th reunion, we consider how many of us will not be there for the 50th, a mere five years down the road.

The upcoming reunion is a chance to reconnect with friends of our youth. There will undoubtedly be countless "Do you remember when's" exchanged, as we collectively relive those days together. But this reunion is more than that. It's also a chance to reflect, to put our lives in context. It's a chance to take a step back and examine these past 45 years. A chance to set the course for the upcoming years, however many there may be.

So from California to South Carolina, from Dallas to Colorado Springs, from Florida to Pennsylvania we face towards Paducah and begin the trip back in time. We will leave our lives behind for a weekend, and travel back to where it all started. As we think back and recall the fresh faces of 1963, we may well wonder, "Who are all these old people congregated here?" But shining out from those worn faces, you can still detect the excitement and promise of days gone by.

Our hopes and dreams have led us along many different paths. But for this one weekend, our memories, like a trail of breadcrumbs, lead us back to the Paducah of our youth.

01/05/13 05:03 PM #6    

Sherry Miller (Martin)

Hey there everyone!!  I'm getting in the swing and hope you are too......I'll have to enroll in an excerise class before I do any 'swinging', that's for sure!!!  What are you all doing this winter to stay busy?  I'd like to hear from you!!!

09/02/14 08:22 PM #7    


Jennifer Riley (Chiappetta)

Just a note to let everyone know that Sherry's husband, Bobby Martin, passed away today.  Bobby has been fighting cancer for a while. He is also Mary Martin's brother. Sherry, my prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time. 

Jennifer Riley Chiappetta

09/03/14 08:31 AM #8    

Peggy Ogg (Kennerley)

I have just read on Facebook about Sherry (Miller) Martin's loss of her husband Bobby.  Please send her a message letting her know how sorry you are for her loss.  And watch the news paper for the funeral details.

Sherry has been so faithful to let us know about happenings to our class we want to let her know we are sorry for the families loss and will be praying for them. 

Bobby is in no pain now and happy with his God!


09/03/14 10:13 AM #9    


Ernie Smith


So sorry to hear about Bobby.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Damon, and the rest of your wonderful family.

Many hugs,

Ernie Smith

09/03/14 11:06 AM #10    

Paul Darold Keller

Dear Sherry, 

i am so sorry to hear about Bobby.  You are like family to us and your loss is our loss. We love you so much, and you and your family are in ours hearts, thoughts and prayers. 

Darold and Donna Keller

09/03/14 06:43 PM #11    

Don Amis



Want you to know that Ginger and I are praying for you and your family.  Bobby is dancing on those golder streets in Heaven and we can thank our Lord for Bobby's salvation.  We are praying for you Sherry and your family will feel the mighty presences of The Holy Spirit as He will lift you up and see you through.  Bobby has graduated to his heavenly home where there is total peace, joy and happiness.  Sherry remember that our thoughts and prayers are for you and your family.

God Bless,

Don Amis

09/04/14 09:16 AM #12    

Larry Harpole

Gail and I are sorry to hear about Bobby. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Larry Harpole

09/04/14 11:05 AM #13    

Jackson T. (Jack) Cole


     Susan and I ofeer our deepest condolences ffor your loss. You and the familly will be in our prayers.

Jack and Susan Cole

09/05/14 10:15 AM #14    

Gary Bell


Marnie and I were so sorry to hear about your loss.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Take care,

Gary and Marnie

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