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Ellen Shadle
Residing In: Destrehan, LA USA
Spouse/Partner: John
Children (year born): Laura Hartline Weems Commander in Coast Guard Baltimore, Md: Retired in 2012 and is working presently, More…2017 for the Corps of Engineer, in Little Rock Arkansas with her husband, Scott, who had his first book published.
Scott had "HA" the Science of when we laugh and why, published in 2014.

John "Devlin" Hartline Loyola Univ. Night Law School, Metairie, La: Tulane University, Master of Laws and accepted into Tulane's PHD of Law for the Fall of 2013. Married to Stacey Vial Hartline, Internist for Ochsner Hospital. Stacey and Devlin have two boys.
In 2015 Devlin accepted a job at George Mason Law School in VA. He is Assistant Director of the Law School and a Professor there teaching Patent/Copyrght/IA law. He writes and speaks on Copyright and Intellectual Law as well. His boys are 11 and 9 in 2020. Wife, Stacey is working as an Internist in the Oakton area.

Frances Rose Hartline Traveler of the world. Cape Town, South Africa University to get her Masters. January 20, 2011 - May 2012 Masters completed in May and has been accepted to Norway's University in Trondheim to get a Masters in Fine Arts. Only 8 were accepted in her discipline out of 60. Education is free if accepted.
In 2017 she is in her second year of her PHD at Trondheim University. She is paid to study there and is called to speak in several different countries. My oldest, Laura and I were fortunate enough to travel to Norway to witness France getting her PHD in January 2020.
Working or retired?

Retired teacher; involved in church, tennis, Women's club and enjoy many classes at Anytime Fitness.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Grandchildren & ages:

Charlie Hartline 3 years in March 2012; Alex Hartline 2 years in November, 2012.
Katie, 18, and Jack, 14, in 2017 lives in Sidney, Nova Scotia with mother.

Please elaborate on the above question by letting us know what you are doing these days:

Since John passed in January 2019, I have worked on reinventing myself. After 50 years of marriage to John, I wasn't sure where I fit in or who I am. I do have a group of teacher friends with whom I meet monthly and a "widow" group in the neighborhood that do things together but am still searching.
I had a younger man from church mention to me that the MS BIKE 150 was in October this year ( 2020) which entailed cycling 75 miles from Hammond, LA to McComb, Mississippi one day and riding back 75 miles the next.
When the Isolation period started, the seed of that event played on my mind. I have had a cycle for 13 years that I bought from a lifeguard at the camp at the school I taught at for 23 years. I rode it some but didn't really like cleating in.
So, I dusted off the bike and got on it. Haven't looked back! I have had a few problems :( but am planning on doing the bike ride in October . My sister's son, Frank, has MS so I am riding for "Frank" and praying that there will be a Cure for MS in his lifetime. Now riding about 150 miles a week and did a 60 mile yesterday at a pace of 15.4 miles per hour.
Feeling strong and praying the summer heat won't get in my way.
If you would like to donate to the "Cure for MS" and sponsor me as a rider, please contact me at ellenshartline@gmail.com.


Lots of moving around but have been in New Orleans area since 1985. Love to play!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy teaching young people.
Now in retirement and was looking forward to traveling with John but our plans don't always work out the way we want.
Since his death in January 2019 and with no family in the area, I have learned to pretty self-sufficient but can't say I like it . Health wise I am doing very well. Too much energy!

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Happy Birthday, Robert. Pray your day was special and you have many more

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Happy belated Birthday, Jennifer . I hope you are enjoying life to its fullest! Ellen

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Happy belated Birthday. I hope your special day was perfect! Ellen

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Happy belated belated Birthday Pete. Ellen

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Happy birthday , Danny. Pray your day is special snd your year perfect!!

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Happy Birthday dear friend . Have a fantastic day!

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Happy Birthday, Steve ! I hope all is well with you and you celebrate your Birthday in style !

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Hope your day was perfect. Happy Birthday, Judy .

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Hey there, Gary. Happy Birthday , Gary . Hope you are well and having a special day. Ellen

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Happy Birthday,Jimmy. Every year is a good one and I have
I pray your day and year will especially perfect. Hugs and love , Ellen

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Happy birthday, James. Have a wonderful day.

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Happy birthday , Gary .

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Happy Birthday , Gary . May this year be a blessed one for you . Ellen Hartline

Jul 01, 2019 at 11:10 AM

Happy birthday , Gloria. I was unaware you moved to Paducah in 1961. I had moved to Paducah during the second semester of 1961. Living in the New Orleans area now. If you travel this way , let me know??

Feb 08, 2019 at 3:33 AM